About the Environment Agency

The Environment Agency is a Government department that was established in 1996 to protect and improve the environment. With around 10,600 employees operating across 14 geographical areas responsible for regulating major industry and waste, treatment of contaminated land, water quality and resources, fisheries, inland river, estuary and harbour navigations conservation and ecology and has responsibility for managing the risk of flooding from main rivers, reservoirs, estuaries and the sea.

Servelec Technologies is proud to play a part in helping the Environment Agency achieve its goals.

The Problem

Historically, the Environment Agency has operated as seven separate regions, each of which selected Remote Telemetry Units (RTU’s) most suited to their individual applications and environments.

Under the Environment Agencies ‘Future of National Telemetry’ (FoNT) project is a focus to migrate the six regions in to one, centralised national Telemetry System.

The Solution

The Environment Agency required a telemetry solution that was robust and flexible, easy to install, field proven and supported the WITS (Worldwide Industrial Telemetry Standards) Protocol.

The Environment Agency quickly recognised that the S2000s modular design allowed for a variety of dual communication options including 4G (with 2.5G fall back), Ethernet, RS232 & RS485. These options allowed them to simplify migration from legacy communications to IP communications.

In addition the Dual communication adds redundancy for high importance sites such as complex pumping stations and control structure sites.

The S2000 was selected to be used for Pump Control and Complex installations.

“In the Environment Agency, we are in the process of migrating towards IP communication to all our telemetered sites. To meet the demands of our more complex pumping station and control structure sites, we were looking for a powerful, versatile RTU which could support IP communication with PSTN back up, using the WITS DNP3 protocol. After a competitive tender process, we found the S2000 most suited our needs”.

Lee Jones, Senior Technical Advisor at Environment Agency

Seprol s2000 remote telemetry unit RTU


The S2000 solution has ISaGRAF programming which gave the Environment Agency a comprehensive configuration software suite for a variety of applications, including an inbuilt intelligent pump controller application which gives the Environment Agency  the option of a single box solution to control complex pumping stations, when previously an RTU and separate PLC or Pump controller would have been required.

Finally, the S2000 as with all the RTU’s in the Seprol product range are WITS certified. This was an important factor for the Environment Agency when choosing which RTU product to use. They required a WITS certified RTU because of the simplified configuration, top down programming, and increased security features.

So far more than thirty S2000’s have been supplied and more than sixty sites across seven regions have so far been identified that will require upgrading.

“We have been a supplier to the Environment Agency for over 20 years, and are committed to working in partnership with the Environment Agency to provide Robust, Reliable and Secure RTU Solutions”.

Connor Smyth, Regional Sales Manager at Servelec Technologies.