The Client

ENERCO Gas is New Zealand’s largest gas retailer, with gas network operations located in four separate regions. The map below illustrates the installations in these regions.

Project Overview

This project included the provision of 250 RTUs and 10 PC based SCADA nodes for the remote monitoring of gas distribution. The RTUs must provide real-time information (using exception reporting) and use time tagged data to store up to 35 days of accumulated data, that includes 30 minute averages of pressure, temperature, volume and uncorrected volume.

The Solution

The system features dual redundant master RTUs, uses UHF talk-thru radio repeaters with PSTN backup for communications with the majority of outstation RTUs and PSTN communications for RTUs outside of the radio coverage.

Around 30% of the 250 RTUs are solar powered and all use time tagged data storage techniques to maintain history profiles in battery backed RAM.  RTUs exception report alarm events, but most RTUs are only polled once per day to retrieve their 30-minute average data (8 hours of 5 minute averages are also stored if analysis of system disturbances is required).


Kingfisher RTU platform features an embedded programming environment, an enhanced DNP3 protocol suite, security platform, complete array of communications networks and advanced functionality including redundancy. Click here to learn more about the Kingfisher line.

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