Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (SYABAS) in Malaysia is the sole water distribution company supplying water to industrial and domestic users in the state of Selangor and the federal territories of Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya. SYABAS relies heavily on a network of TBox remote telemetry units (RTU) relaying information to their SCADA system to provide real-time monitoring and control of their water distribution network that delivers water to their 2million customers.

About water services in Malaysia

The Malaysian government aims to have 99% of its population served by clean and treated water by 2020. In achieving this vision, the Malaysian government set the following objectives:

  • Everyone will have access to safe, adequate and affordable water supply, hygiene and sanitation.
  • The provision of sufficient water will ensure national food security and promote rural development.
  • There will be provision of sufficient water to spur and sustain economic growth within the context of a knowledge-based economy and e-commerce.
  • The water environment will be protected to preserve water resources (both surface water and groundwater) and natural flow regimes, bio-diversity and the cultural heritage, along with mitigation of waterrelated hazards.

Due to the vast area it covers across ten districts and its network of thousands of pump houses and reservoirs, SYABAS, assisted by Servelec Technologies’ TBox devices, is at the forefront of using remote telemetry technology to control and monitor their distribution network.

The SCADA System

SYABAS has a purpose built Operation Control Centre (OCC) based at its Kuala Lumpur headquarters, which is home to its central SCADA system. The operation of the system relies on a mixture of TBox remote telemetry units installed in over 200 pump houses and reservoirs, each connected to the OCC by 3G cellular communications and transferring data using the DNP3 protocol. The SCADA system and TBox devices support key features including:

  • Independent automatic pumping control at pump houses.
  • Manual control override from the SCADA master station.
  • Communication between TBox RTUs and the OCC.
  • SMS alarms to operations personnel directly from the TBox RTUs.
  • Scheduled email reports to designated personnel directly from the TBox RTUs.
  • Secondary web visualization in each TBox RTUs via a web browser.
  • Secondary data historization using data logging in TBox RTUs.

The above features provide SYABAS with near real-time status of its water distribution networks enabling the provider to ensure an uninterrupted water supply to its consumers.

Independent automated control of pumps

Built-in cyber security

Real-time overview of water distribution

SMS Alarms to key personnel

On-board web-server technology

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

In its quest to continuously improve its water distribution services and become the industry leader in Malaysia, SYABAS is exploring Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology, which Servelec Technologies is developing. Servelec Technologies is building IIoT capabilities into its industry leading RTU products such as the TBox LT2. Traditionally RTUs have been ‘edge’ devices capable of monitoring, marshalling and transferring data from the operational technology (OT) environment. The TBox LT2 all-in-one Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) is being developed as an MQTT-based edge/gateway device for marshalling and transferring data securely from remote OT devices to a company’s IT infrastructure. For remote networks with IIoT devices that are not easily accessible over traditional networks the TBox LT2’s M2M communication capabilities will be utilised.

Servelec Technologies is a company at the forefront of helping water and wastewater suppliers, authorities and governments around the world improve the security of water supply and reduce operating costs. From data collection from remote assets through to enterprise SCADA platforms and automated network optimisation software, Servelec Technologies is able to provide the end-to-end products for developing truly smart water networks.

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