About the Client

Beijing Gas Group is the largest urban gas enterprise in China. By the end of 2016, their natural gas pipeline network reached over 20,000 kilometres, supplying 18 billion cubic meters to over 5.89 million customers.

Beijing Gas Group is ranked as the second largest gas distribution network in the world. The customers of Beijing Gas Group use the natural gas for industrial processes, heating, refrigeration, power generation and gas powered vehicles.

Project Overview

The 20,000 kilometre pipeline network is managed from the Production Dispatching Command System that began construction in 2002.

This system includes SCADA for both transmission and distribution networks, a pipeline simulation system, consumption forecasting system and a geographic information system.

To allow 100% uptime, these systems are duplicated between the Master Control Centre (MCC) and the Emergency Control Centre. The pipeline network can be controlled from either control centre.

Project Solution

The initial project, in 2002, included DDN lines to around 60 high pressure regulating stations. This has grown to over 200 stations, now utilising fibre-optic cables, with wireless communication as a backup channel. The communications are connected to RTU’s mounted in the field, using DNP3.0 communications.

To date, 381 Kingfisher RTU’s have been installed in the system for the monitoring and control of metered off takes, gas storage, CNG stations and pressure regulation stations.

For more than 15 years, ZKCiT have provided product technology services to the Beijing Gas Group, including hardware and firmware upgrades as the Kingfisher RTUs have evolved. Beijing Gas Group is continuing to utilise and trust the Kingfisher product family for on-going system expansion and technology upgrades.

Kingfisher Benefits

The Kingfisher RTU solution Beijing Gas Group  was delivered by our Channel Partner ZKCiT.

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