Streamlining Anglian Water’s Private Pumping Stations for Adoption

With a change in law making pumping stations on private land the responsibility of water companies nationwide...

South West & Anglian Telemetry System for The Environment Agency

The SWANTEL (South West and Anglian Telemetry) project was initiated to enable the capture and subsequent storage of data in an Oracle database relating to clim…

Kingfisher RTUs: Installed in Ventura River County Water System

When the Ventura River County Water District in Ojai, California, required a new SCADA system, the solution was an ATSI Intelligent SCADA system utilising Kingf…

RTU Based Basin, Canal and River Level Monitoring System

Servelec TBox Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs) operate in numerous and varied installations to monitor water levels in basins, bayous, canals, rivers, streams and …

County of Maui Board of Water Supply: SCADA Upgrade with Kingfisher RTUs

This project was undertaken by our American Kingfisher RTU distributor, ATSI. The client was the Board of Water Supply of the County of Maui. Their staff quickl…

Controlling and monitoring Malaysia’s largest water distribution network

SYABAS relies heavily on a network of TBox remote telemetry units (RTU) relaying information to their SCADA system to provide real-time monitoring and control o…

Servelec Technologies delivers state-of-the- art SCADA system to Trinity House

Servelec Technologies has worked with Trinity House, the General Lighthouse and Deep Sea Pilotage Authority, to develop and deliver an enhanced supervisory cont…

Servelec’s technology journey with Wessex Water over thirty years

Wessex Water’s journey from first support customer to first customer with Servelec’s end-to-end suite of data collection, monitoring, control and optimisation.

Towards 'Enhanced Status’: Affinity Water's Quest For Optimal Asset Management

Affinity Water (the UK’s largest water-only company) optimised their production and network investment options using Servelec Technologies’ PIONEER optimisation…

Implementation of an Automated System for Optimal Pump Control

To support their Integrated Water Supply Grid, which was designed and developed to improve resilience and security of supply in their region, Wessex Water recog…

TBox - The Answer for Water Distribution

La CILE selected TBox technology for data collection, monitoring, and control. Today it employs more than 250 TBox outstations connected to one central computer…

Oil and Gas

National Grid Transco

Servelec Technologies were awarded the contract to supply and implement the Network Manager using their established SCOPE Telemetry and SCADA solution.

Gas Utility Monitoring using TBox

TBox ultra low and low-power products have been applied to natural gas utility installations throughout the world. Typical applications include line pressure mo…

Oil and Gas Well Monitoring using TBox

Servelec Technologies' ultra low and low-power products have been applied to well site installations throughout the world.

Enerco - Gas Distribution SCADA System with Kingfisher RTUs

This project included the provision of RTUs and SCADA nodes for the remote monitoring of gas distribution. The RTUs provide real-time information and store up t…

TBox - helping Distrigas automate gas distribution metering

Distrigas supplies natural gas to industries, resellers, and electricity producers with automated gas distribution metering provided by Servelec's TBox solution…

Origin Energy: Gas Distribution SCADA System

The Kingfisher RTUs provide valuable information back to the Citect SCADA system at Origin Energy which includes site pressures, valve positions, site security …


Railway Heating Systems

TBox RTUs products are currently used in many installations to monitor and automate railway heating systems that prevent build-up of ice and snow.

National Railway Company of Belgium

The National Railway Company of Belgium required a reliable method of collecting operational data from each of its switching facilities to monitor their status …

Control Switch Point Heaters for Swiss Railway

In each railway station, automation is performed by a TBox remote terminal unit (RTU) located in a control cabinet and in Zürich railway station, more than 8,00…


Maintaining safety at one of the world’s busiest airports - Heathrow engineering automation and remote telemetry

London Heathrow Airport's Airport Control System is based on our SCOPE SCADA solution and handles in excess of 100,000 digital signals and 20,000 analogue value…

ILS Monitoring SCADA

Airservices commissioned a telemetry system to monitor and control certain ILS navaids relating to the Tullamarine and Essendon airports.


Kingfisher RTUs in Broadcast

Kingfisher RTUs are helping to provide a dual state control and monitoring system with time-stamped event-logging capability.


How Servelec’s Meteorological Monitoring System helps the Met Office stay one step ahead of the weather

The SCOPE-based system created for the Met Office provides a fully scalable, flexible, expandable system for weather monitoring and observation solution.


SCADA Networking for Coronis Systems Sensors using TBox

Servelec’s driver brings all the benefits of TBox technology to networks, which use Coronis Systems sensors.  The TBox RTU can detect alarm conditions and, usin…


The Ministry of Defence (MOD) – Project Aquatrine Coast to Coast (C2C)

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) awarded Public Private Partnership (PPP) contracts under Project Aquatrine to cover UK-wide water and wastewater services enabling…


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