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Here at Servelec Technologies we are going through an exciting period of change. We are currently in the process of revolutionising our working process and with that comes a much better opportunity of growth for our placement students. We are progressing into becoming Agile which will allow you the opportunity to experience all of the important aspects of the project cycle.

The key areas that we look for in our placement students will be:

  • Good knowledge of database technologies
  • Knowledge of, or research into, SCADA/Telemetry/PLCs/RTUs
  • The ability to interpret information and translate it into relevant database and pictorial information
  • A knowledge of Visio or other data flow packages
  • Understanding of Object Orientated programming languages (such as Javascript)
  • Experience in technical report writing/interpretation

This is not a strict limitation for us though, as long as you have a good level of programming knowledge this will be useful for us.

This is an opportunity to work as part of a leading provider of systems and services, by supporting our existing teams and contributing to the design, development and testing of telemetry applications

Through the placement year, you will undertake a wide range of engineering and IT activities across the full project lifecycle including design, database and front end implementation, testing and customer liaison.

You will be well supported throughout the placement year under the guidance and supervision of experienced engineers.

On successful completion of the placement year, you could then have the opportunity to progress through to a Graduate role, once you have completed the final year of your university course

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